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Friending Frequently Asked Questions

A “friend” is another program user who has become a “friend” via mutual agreement. A participant’s list of friends is displayed on their profile, as in other social networking utilities. When a user joins a community, his or her public profile will display in the community. Members of the community may send a “friend invitation” to other users who may accept or decline. Thus, a user may locate a potential “friend” in the communities or by searching for them.

Q: How do I invite a friend to join Goalistics?


  1. Click the INVITE A FRIEND link in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The Invite a Friend screen appears.
  2. Fill in the e-mail address of the friend you wish to invite. If you desire, also fill in a personal message.
  3. Click the SEND INVITATION button. The system returns to the home page and the “invitation was successfully created” message appears.
  4. Your friend or family member will receive an e-mail invitation containing a link to join Goalistics. The link will take them directly to the Sign Up page.

Note: Once your friend joins the program they will automatically be made a “friend” of yours in the system.

Print invite a friend directions here.

Q: How do I become friends with another member?

A: The easiest way to have someone become your friend is through the communities.

  1. First, join a community.
  2. Click on the person’s Gravatar icon. His/her profile appears.
  3. Click the REQUEST FRIENDSHIP button. The system updates and displays the “Friend request was successfully sent” message.
  4. The system sends a message to that person’s Goalistics inbox and a copy to that person’s personal e-mail account with a link to his/her profile to accept the friend request.

Print become friends directions here.